6 Great Uses Of Eggshells To Save Money And Good Use

Did you know? Eggs are not only nutritious enough for the human body to cook and eat, eggshells also have many uses, come and see!


Wash before use

Regardless of the type of eggshells, they can be used for the following purposes, but due to the recent outbreak of avian flu, it is recommended that the eggshells be cleaned before use, then placed in a cool place to dry and remove the smell of eggs, and finally crushed in a “bowl” or “juicer”. If you want to keep unused eggshells, you can put them in a dry glass jar and keep them indoors.


The first move: clean the dead corner of the glass bottle

About 1 egg shell
1 bottle brush
1 bottle of glass

Mash the egg shells and put them all into the glass bottle, then pour in about 1/3 of the water, put the glass bottle on (you can also cover the mouth of the bottle with a rag), by the friction of the egg shells, shaking the glass bottle up and down, you can clean the dead corner of the glass bottle, and finally rinse the bottle with water.


Second trick: remove rust marks
About 1 egg shell
1 vegetable cloth
1 piece of rag

Moisten a dishcloth, grind the egg shells and pour them on the cloth, then brush the pots and pans directly, again using the friction of the egg shells to remove any traces of rust from the pots and pans. Finally, wet a rag and wipe the pan clean.


For each rusty spot, use about a ten dollar coin-sized amount of eggshells.


The third trick: wash away clothes dirty stains
About 1 egg shell
1 small spoon
1 netted cotton bag
Laundry detergent 20 ml
1 piece of string

After grinding the egg shells, put them into a netted cotton bag with the help of a spoon, and then tie the bag tightly. Before washing clothes by hand, put the bag into the water in which the dirty clothes have been soaked and leave it for about five to ten minutes to allow the nutrients of the eggshells to blend with the water. Finally, pour the laundry detergent into the water, and you can easily scrub the dirt off your clothes.
It is easier to grind up eggshells and put them in a cotton bag. One crushed eggshell can clean about two to three pieces of adult clothes. Soak dirty clothes of water about 600ml can be injected.
Fourth trick: polish metal furniture

About 1 egg shell
2 dry rags

Put the raw egg shells into water, soak for about five to ten minutes, so that the egg white (egg white) can be fully melted in the water, then put the rag into the water and then wring it out, directly wipe the glass or metal furniture, you can polish the furniture, and finally use another dry rag to wipe away the water marks.


When using eggshell water to wipe furniture, do not wipe the wood material, so that the wood does not become moldy due to moisture and nutrients within the eggshell.


Tip 5: Exfoliate old keratin
About 1/8 of an egg shell
1 brush
10 c.c. olive oil

Grind egg shells, mix with olive oil, stir well with a brush and apply to elbows and other joints, then use your palms in a circular motion to exfoliate with the grains of egg shells, and finally wash off with water.


Because it is to be used on the body, it is recommended that the eggshells be ground as finely as possible. Olive oil can also be substituted with essential oils.


Tip 6: Provide plant nutrients
About 1 egg shell
1 spoon
1 water sprayer

After mashing the eggshells, scoop and sprinkle them on the soil with a spoon. Then take a water sprayer and spray the soil, using the water to penetrate the nutrients from the eggshells into the soil so that the plants can fully absorb them.
It is recommended that you do not water too much at once, otherwise the nutrients from the eggshells may be washed away.

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