Simple Modification Of Empty Cans Especially Practical At Home

Many people like to drink beverages, especially this kind of canned beverages. I believe many people will often drink them. Don’t throw away the cans after drinking. They take up too much space at home. You only need to make a simple modification and cut a few cuts. It’s so practical in the living room, guests will rush to use it when they come!

Today, I will teach you a trick to turn a can into a treasure. Let’s learn from me!

First, we prepare a clean can and a utility knife. Use the utility knife to cut off the mouth part of the can, and then trim it neatly with scissors. After cutting, cut out some vertical strips with a width of about 1cm. , Remember to leave a distance of about 1cm at the bottom position and don’t cut it.

It looks like this after the cut, and then fold the cut vertical strips out to 90 degrees, and then

Finally, fold the vertical strips into this shape like this. Such an “ashtray” made from discarded cans is ready. Isn’t it practical to put it at home?

Concluding remarks: Have you learned the tricks of turning waste into treasure after reading this can? Try it now!

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