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Mopping The Floor With Expired Wine Makes The Floor Brighter

June 29, 2021

Life Skills

The Only Way To Get A Fishbone Stuck In Your Throat Is To Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Correct handling procedure Once you feel a fishbone stuck in your throat, you must stop eating immediately; do not swallow food again, and do not try to induce vomiting. Drink a little water to moisturize your throat and feel the position of the fishbone. If you still feel difficult to swallow or your throat is obviously painful, please go out and ask an otolaryngologist for help.

How To Clean The Beautiful Wooden Floor To Make The Floor Brighter

How to clean beautiful wooden floors? You never thought about "wiping with wine"!How to use the unfinished wine at home? In addition to serving dishes, the expired and out-of-flavor wine can actually be used for cleaning, which can help remove stains on the beautiful wooden floors in the home.

Tips for Peeling Corn Kernels Quickly

Corn is a very nutritious food, rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and a variety of trace elements. Eating more corn is good for your health. Now it’s the season when a large number of corn is on the market. I believe that many people buy it and eat it. Many people like to break the corn kernels and cook or squeeze the juice. It is very laborious to peel the corn kernels by hand. If you use a knife to cut the corn kernels

Polish Shoes Without Shoe Polish Two Tips for Shining Shoes

Many people like to wear leather shoes, but leather shoes are not only easy to get dirty and not shiny, but also have many folds, which are very ugly. Many friends use shoe polish to wipe leather shoes, but some shoe polish smells unpleasant and easily damages the leather. In fact, you don’t need shoe polish at all for polishing shoes. Squeeze some "it" on the shoes. In one minute, old shoes will become new shoes. It's as soft and shiny!

Tips for Using Rice Water to Maintain Your Hands

It is said that hands are the second face of a woman, but often doing housework, hands will become rough, dry, and peeling, especially in the dry seasons of autumn and winter, which are more serious. Today, I will share a small coup for maintaining hands with rice water. Get up and have a look