How To Clean And Maintain The Gas Stove Every Day?

Oh my God! How could a gas stove be so dirty! During annual cleaning, greasy gas stoves are among the top three most difficult to clean! Don’t worry, the expert has a coup that allows you to easily remove heavy dirt and quickly say goodbye to greasy!


The structure and disassembly method of each gas stove are different. It is recommended to find out the instructions and study how to disassemble, and prepare the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers, etc., so that you will not be in a hurry when cleaning.


Stove cleaning Step by Step



If too much grease accumulates on the hob, you can soak it in the cleaning fluid first, and then scrub it after the grease dissolves.



Spray the cleaning fluid on the gas stove, wait for the grease to dissolve, and then wipe it with a rag or sponge. If after wiping it is found that there is oily dirt that has not been dissolved, repeat the same action.



If the gas stove is made of white iron, do not use a general steel brush to clean it, because the steel brush will damage the white iron and cause scratches. On the contrary, the grease will penetrate into the scratches and become more difficult to clean! (The picture shows the wrong demonstration)



Because the soup will overflow during normal cooking, which may cause blockage of the burner nozzle and the furnace core, it is recommended to remove both the burner nozzle and the furnace core and use a mild steel brush to clean it, and the rust can be brushed off by the way.



There is also a lot of dirt stuck in the fire hole of the burner. You can pierce the fire hole with iron wire or sewing needle, so that the fire will remain unblocked when using the gas stove to avoid danger.


Cleaning tips

Many people ignore the cleaning of the gas stove chassis. If the chassis is not clear, it can easily become a breeding ground for cockroaches and other bugs, so don’t forget the chassis part when cleaning the gas stove. Since the chassis can be taken out as a whole, it can be placed directly in the sink, sprayed with cleaning fluid, and scrubbed after the grease is dissolved. Similarly, if the chassis is made of white iron, do not use ordinary steel brushes to clean it.


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