How To Clean The Beautiful Wooden Floor To Make The Floor Brighter

You never thought about it! Can wine be used to mop the floor?

How to clean beautiful wooden floors? You never thought about “wiping with wine”!


How to use the unfinished wine at home? In addition to serving dishes, the expired and out-of-flavor wine can actually be used for cleaning, which can help remove stains on the beautiful wooden floors in the home.


Because alcohol contains more than 4% alcohol, it can be regarded as diluted alcohol! The chemical name of alcohol is ethyl alcohol, which functions as a solvent, so it can clean some oily deposits. When using wine for home cleaning, be sure to choose wine without sugar, otherwise although the alcohol in the ingredients can decontaminate, the sugar will make the floor sticky and dirty!


Correct way:

Use sugar-free wine, such as rice wine or sorghum wine. The alcohol content in it can quickly decompose dirt and marks. After dilution, wipe it with a rag. The smell of alcohol will quickly evaporate, but remember that you cannot choose sweet wine.


What other kitchen supplies can clean the floor?


1 rice water

Use the remaining rice washing water to wipe the wooden floor. The rice bran inside can achieve a waxing effect and keep the floor bright.


2 Baking soda + white vinegar

If there are stickers left by children playing on the wooden floor, just moisten the stickers with diluted vinegar, sprinkle with baking soda, and gently press with a sponge or rag to remove the residual glue magically without damaging the floor. !


3 soda mud

What should I do if there are traces of crayons or oily pens on the wooden floor? You can use baking soda powder to add a small amount of water and stir to become “soda mud”; just use your fingers to dip the soda mud and rub the graffiti on the floor directly. Moreover, the pigment and oil stains of the crayons will not spread to the periphery.

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