Refrigerator Do Not Stuff Everything Into It

Refrigerator from the essence and closet, cupboard, is used to store items of furniture, but the special low temperature environment, and let it and other furniture is very different.
Take the storage items, the refrigerator is more afraid of “support”. Not only look dirty, and may produce bacteria, especially in the time of more things, looking up really very troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended that you: do not put the refrigerator stuffed, learn the practice of storage experts, clean and hygienic!


Good use of small props to help storage

Plastic bags

Plastic bags have the benefit of not taking up space, flat shape direction can be stacked and pushed put also do not need to worry about, irregular size and simply dry, raw food, you can use sealed bags to save.


Some of the more flavorful fresh ingredients, you can first use plastic bags to divide, and then add a layer of sealed bags, double sealing in addition to avoid the taste and blood seepage, the outer bag does not directly touch the ingredients, you can reuse. When using plastic bags or Ziploc bags, try to press out the air to reduce the gap in the bag, because there is air is more occupied volume, but also easy to residual moisture.


Small cardboard box

It’s a great way to store sauce packets or seasoning packets so they won’t be easily forgotten, and it also looks great.


Oil-based pencils

Preservation tips for eggs can be done by writing the date on the eggshell with an oil-based pen.


Label stickers

Suitable for sticking on the clamshell that needs to be preserved class, write the time of the day it was made.


Other storage reminders

Same height put together, Same height together

The same height can be stored uniformly, different heights can use small props, such as cups or rubber bands, etc. rolled into the same height storage.


Layering concepts, Stratification concept

Items that are not often used are recommended to be placed in locations that are not easily accessible, and the space that can be seen and reached as soon as the refrigerator is opened is for more frequently used ingredients.


Eight points full is good

Do not take the refrigerator as a storage cabinet stuffed full, the ingredients account for about 80% of the entire space, in order to ensure that the cold air in the refrigerator can smoothly circulate convection. And do not fill too full not only to save electricity, but also to keep the food always fresh, each time a small amount of purchase, in order to eat fresh ingredients at all times.


Same type put together

Whether it is a freezer or a refrigerator, it is recommended that the same type of ingredients stored together is better, raw food and cooked food should not be placed haphazardly, in order not to produce cross-contamination, safety and peace of mind.


First-in, first-out, regular inspection

After buying the ingredients on the back side, not yet eaten on the front side, and every three days to regularly check a big, expired immediately throw, and regularly wipe the refrigerator laminate and inside the size of the cabinet every day to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Freshness Reminders

Fresh ingredients are recommended to be consumed within 3 to 5 days in order to get the freshness and nutrition of the food. If you don’t want to waste electricity by opening and closing the refrigerator frequently, you can also make your own list, record the food in the refrigerator and paste it on the refrigerator.

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