Don’t Buy These 4 Kinds Of Bowls At Home

In our daily life, bowls are a must-have item for every household. We often add some new bowls to the home. There are many types of bowls in the supermarket, such as ceramic bowls, stainless steel bowls, wooden bowls, plastic bowls, etc., so many kinds of bowls. How do we choose healthy and useful ones? In fact, some bowls are “toxic”. When we buy bowls in the supermarket, do not buy these four bowls. Be especially careful with the second one. You can’t buy them at a cheap price!

The first type: imitation porcelain bowl

Imitation porcelain bowl is a kind of tableware made from resin. It has a hard texture and is not fragile. Many people buy this kind of bowl for children. No matter how you drop it, you won’t be afraid of breaking it. Qualified imitation porcelain bowls can be used with confidence, but there are many inferior imitation porcelain bowls on the market. This kind of bowls is easy to release formaldehyde and will release toxic substances when heated. You should not buy such inferior imitation porcelain bowls. Up.

The second type: an over-glazed bowl

Nowadays, many young people like this beautiful colored bowl. If this kind of colored bowl is an overglaze bowl, don’t buy it, because the pattern of the overglaze color is on the surface of the bowl. The pigments used to draw these patterns contain lead, Cadmium and other heavy metal elements, when some high-temperature ingredients are placed, the heavy metals inside are easy to seep out, which is very harmful to our body. You must be especially careful with this kind of overglaze bowl, no matter how good it looks, don’t buy it.

The third type: stainless steel bowl

Many families will buy this kind of stainless steel bowl because it is more resistant to dirt, durable and easy to clean. But when you buy stainless steel bowls, you must buy 304 food grade stainless steel bowls. Don’t buy inferior stainless steel bowls, they are easy to release. Some toxic heavy metal substances are released. However, even the 304 stainless steel bowl is not suitable for long-term use.

The fourth type: glass bowl

Do you buy glass bowls in your house? Although the glass bowl is good-looking and durable, the bottom of the bowl is flat, and the material is smooth and has strong thermal conductivity. It is easy to burn your hands and break with this kind of bowl.

After reading these 4 kinds of bowls, don’t buy bowls. Throw them away if you have them at home. Have you learned?


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