Easy to remove shoe stinky tricks

Hot summer weather, many people like to wear sandals, but some occasions still need to wear shoes, summer heat to wear shoes easy to sweat and stink, especially some people’s feet easy to sweat and have foot odor, are afraid to flip-flops. This is not only easy to embarrassment, but also cause problems such as foot odor. How can you easily solve the shoe odor trouble? Just sprinkle a handful of “it” into the shoes, easy to remove the odor, shoes wear a day will not stink.

Today will teach you three easy to remove shoe odor tips, come and learn with me!

Easy to remove shoe odor tips one: tea

We all know that tea has a strong fragrance, we can prepare some tea, home if you do not drink the dry tea do not throw away, the tea wrapped in a paper towel, put it into the shoes, tea can adsorb the odor within the shoes, and can also be reused.

Easy to remove shoe odor tips two: baking soda
We all know that baking soda is very powerful in removing stains, but did you know that? Sprinkle a handful of “baking soda” inside the shoes, baking soda is alkaline, and its adsorption is very strong, can easily remove the smell of shoes.

Easy to remove shoe odor tips three: soap

Home with the rest of the soap head do not throw away, the soap head collection, put the shoes inside, just leave it overnight, the fragrance of the soap itself can not only remove shoe odor, but also make the shoes smell good.

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