The Effects Of Fengyoujing Are Very Practical

Fengyoujing is a must-have thing for our families. I believe everyone has used it. Fengyoujing has the effects of cooling, relieving pain, repelling mosquitoes and relieving itching, etc. In fact, the small Fengyoujing not only has these effects, it is in our daily life. There are still many magical uses in this book, which can solve many troubles in life. No wonder Fengyoujing sells so well abroad. It turns out that there are these four magical uses. Now it is not too late to know!

Today, I will teach you the four life tips of Fengyou Essence, let’s learn from me!

Fengyoujing’s life trick one: remove handwriting

Families with children at home, children like to scribble on the table, oily notes are difficult to wipe clean, we can put a few drops of wind oil on the handwriting, let it sit for about 5 minutes, use one The paper towel will be clean with a light wipe, and the handwriting on it can be easily removed.

Fengyoujing’s life tips two: remove the information on the courier list

Usually when you get the courier, you usually throw away the courier box directly. This is actually very “dangerous”, because the courier ticket on the courier box contains our personal identity information, if it is stolen and used by criminals , It may cause harm to our personal and property safety. We can put a few drops of Fengyoujing on the express note, and then rub it a few times, and the information on the express note will be removed.

Fengyoujing’s life tips three: remove glue marks

Usually when we use transparent glue or double-sided tape, we will leave some glue marks on things. We can put a few drops of wind oil on the glue marks. After a few minutes, we can easily remove the marks of offset printing.

Fengyoujing’s life tips four: remove the smell of shoes

Wearing shoes in summer is the easiest to sweat and smelly feet. The shoes will smell bad after wearing them for a day. We can put a few drops of wind oil inside the shoes to remove the odor, which is very practical.

Have you learnt these four life tips of the four essential oils? Try it now!


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