The Only Way To Get A Fishbone Stuck In Your Throat Is To Seek Medical Attention Immediately

The throat gets stuck in the fishbone, and there are many remedies circulating among the people, but they are usually only accidental cases and only work by coincidence. In fact, the method itself is wrong. The doctor suggested that these remedies should not be tried, as they may make the problem worse. In addition, some methods can reduce fishbone stuck in the throat.


Crack the misunderstanding


The most intuitive response to a fishbone stuck in the throat is coughing. Some people think that the vibration of a cough can cough up the fishbone. If you accidentally encounter a fishbone stuck in your throat, you can try to cough lightly. If the fishbone is not coughed up, don’t cough again, but go directly to the hospital for a doctor. In addition, there are also rumors that coughing will cause the fish bones to fall into the lungs. This is unfounded. Furthermore, if the fish bones are stuck in the throat, coughing is a natural response. Therefore, if the fish bones cannot come out after a few coughs, go to the hospital immediately and ask the doctor to take them out. Is the most appropriate way.



This method of eating has been circulated for a long time, mainly because the rice itself is sticky and can be swallowed in large mouths. The impulse caused by swallowing the rice and the stickiness of the rice take away the fish bones. This statement is completely wrong. The rice cannot stick to the fish bones in the throat, and may cause the fish bones to penetrate deep when swallowed, causing more serious injuries.

✘Drink vinegar

It is said that drinking vinegar can soften the fish bones in the throat, and after the fish bones are softened, they will fall off by themselves. This method is impossible to have an effect at all. First of all, the fish bones must be softened. Drinking vinegar is not possible, and drinking too much vinegar will damage the mucous membranes, but enlarge the damage.


✘Eat maltose

Maltose is so sticky that people mistakenly think that it can take away the fish bones. This method doesn’t work at all. Maltose is sticky, but the maltose itself is harder. Not only can it not stick to the bones, but it may also pierce the bones deeper like a hammer.


✔The only solution: seek medical attention

The only way for a fishbone to get stuck in the throat is to seek medical attention immediately, and let the doctor use professional judgment and equipment to remove the fishbone from the throat. Generally, fish bones are not stuck deep in the throat, and it is not difficult to remove the fish bones. On the contrary, some people use the home remedy first, which causes the fishbone to penetrate deeper or penetrate deep into the throat. This will increase the difficulty of treatment and even require the use of an endoscope to deal with it, which will make the problem worse. Therefore, if you encounter a fishbone stuck in your throat, it is best to go to the hospital and ask a doctor for treatment.

✔Correct handling procedure

  1. Once you feel a fishbone stuck in your throat, you must stop eating immediately; do not swallow food again, and do not try to induce vomiting.
  2. Drink a little water to moisturize your throat and feel the position of the fishbone.
  3. If you still feel difficult to swallow or your throat is obviously painful, please go out and ask an otolaryngologist for help.

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