Hood With A Long Time Grease And Thick And Sticky Teach You 1 Move To Become Clean In Seconds

Cooker hoods are considered by housewives the most difficult to deal with cleaning projects, the most tricky is greasy, really hard to clean ah! Not afraid, this article teaches you a few tricks to get rid of grease, clean and slippery!

Preparatory actions

When cleaning the range hood, it takes a long time to wait for the grease to dissolve, so it is recommended to carry out pre-work such as spraying detergent first, interspersed with cleaning matters in other areas, and after a period of time, return to the kitchen for the latter part of the cleaning.


Cleaning method Step by Step

Before cleaning the range hood, you must remember to unplug the power first to avoid accidentally touching the switch and causing damage to the range hood.



Cut the appropriate size plastic bag, stick the switch up, and then stick it with clear tape to avoid the flow of cleaning agent into the switch gap.



Add the kitchen cleaner to the water and mix well, then remove the oil collection cup and soak it. If the grease trap can be removed, remove it and soak it together. If the cooker hood is not very dirty, use a salad pint and soak in water. Leave it for a while, and after the grease is dissolved, you can brush it with a sponge.


After cleaning the oil collection cup, you can cut the appropriate size plastic bag or plastic wrap and put it on the oil collection cup, and then replace the plastic bag and plastic wrap regularly, so you will not be afraid that the oil collection cup will be full of stubborn grease.



Spray cleaning solution on the range hood, let it stand for half an hour or an hour, if the grease has been dissolved, you can use a rag or sponge to start wiping, if you think it is still not clean enough, you can repeat the same action until the range hood is wiped clean.



Snake tube with a long time will accumulate a lot of grease inside, it is recommended to regularly replace the new snake tube every year, and tape seal the connection with the range hood to prevent fumes from the gap out of the finish.
Range hoods around also need to clear

Scrubbing around the range hood
The wall between the range hood and the gas stove top and the side walls, as well as the kitchen screens and glass windows may also be stained with grease from the usual cooking fumes, so don’t forget to scrub them together when cleaning.

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