How To Choose Yogurt In The Store

Nowadays, many people know that drinking yogurt is good for health. However, there are many kinds of yogurt on the market. How do we choose? Today, the editor will share with you some little secrets about yogurt, let’s take a look.

Yogurt is divided into two types: room temperature and refrigerated. As you can see, this room temperature yogurt is marked with sterilization treatment, which kills the live lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt, so it can be stored at room temperature.

The scientific name of refrigerated yogurt is “live bacteria-type yogurt”, and its lactic acid bacteria are live, but there is no difference in the nutritional content of normal temperature yogurt and refrigerated yogurt. If you want to get the benefits of lactic acid bacteria by drinking yogurt, it is recommended to drink frozen yogurt.

There are many lactic acid bacteria drinks on the market. Although there are big lactic acid bacteria, it is not yogurt. The main ingredients of most lactic acid bacteria drinks are water and sugar.

We can see that most yogurt has the word flavor. According to national standards, if other ingredients are added to the yogurt, the word flavor must be indicated on the package. Other ingredients are generally added to enhance the taste, increase sweetness, and reduce the natural sourness of yogurt. However, some yogurt products blindly add sugar, pectin and other ingredients in order to make consumers eat it, which deviates from the healthy track. Therefore, you should choose yogurt with less additives.

There is also a need to look at the protein content when buying yogurt. According to national standards, the protein content of yogurt must be greater than or equal to 2.3%. We can see that the protein content of these two yogurts is 5%. The protein content of lactic acid bacteria beverages is usually only about 1%. Here is a suggestion for everyone. Drinking yogurt 2 hours after a meal has the best effect.


Have you learned how to choose yogurt?

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