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Many people are faced with kitchen storage related matters, such as the kitchen is too small to put things, or do not know which items should be placed in the best …… such as problems, often feel a head two big. However, these people will face such problems, is it because when they moved into their current residence, they did not properly plan the placement of various items, but just randomly put away?

Although there are many storage experts who teach people how to organize their kitchens on TV or in books, they always feel that these methods miss the point. This is because these experts focus on how to create a clean and beautiful kitchen, but ignore the fact that what users really need is a kitchen that is easy to cook and easy to clean.


Kitchen storage principles

The point of kitchen organization is not how clean and beautiful a kitchen should look. The focus should be on how to put the tools in the right place and create a kitchen that is easier to cook in and easier to clean.


Professional chefs in the restaurant when cooking food, the movement is always as smooth as the flow of water. This is because the tools needed by the chef for cooking are placed in the best position. If every time even take a pot or seasoning movements are slow, simply can not cope with the outside of the order. The same applies to the kitchen in a normal home. It is important to place cooking utensils and spices in the right place according to your personal movements and habits.


So first of all, the tools should be divided into two types of water and fire zones.


The water zone refers to the tools used for cleaning, peeling, cutting, etc., while the fire zone refers to the tools used for cooking, seasoning, etc. Because the nature of the work performed in these two zones is different, the tools used are definitely not the same. Please try to classify them according to the following points.


Items that should be stored in the water area

・Used for cleaning → strainer, etc.

・For peeling → peeler, etc.

・For cutting ingredients → Knives, shredders, cutting boards, etc.

・For throwing garbage → plastic bags, water filters, etc.

・For throwing garbage → plastic bags, water filters, etc.


According to the above classification points, the tools belonging to the water area are stored in a fixed location.


Wipes and wipes can be counted in this category because they are used to wipe cleaned items.


Baking soda, disinfectant sprays or bleach sprays are also mostly used around the water area, so they should be stored in this area. In addition, when boiling ingredients will also use water, so small pots and pans will be more convenient if placed in the water area.


Items that should be stored in the fire area

・For heating → oil, heavy pots and pans, etc.

・Used for seasoning → Salt, pepper, and spices such as spices, etc.

・For cooking → spatulas, cooking tongs, cooking chopsticks, soup ladles, spoons for taste testing or small plates, etc.


According to the above-mentioned classification points, the tools that belong to the fire area are stored in a fixed location. If you follow these principles to the letter, you will have the tools you need at your fingertips when you need them.

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