Teach You A Few Tricks To Make The Glass At Home Bright As New

Crystal clear glass no matter what drinks are quite good-looking, even ordinary canned juice, poured into the glass level is also immediately upgraded, like a cup of hundreds of dollars of freshly made juice in a high-class restaurant. However, the glass is very easy to attach scale, tea scale and fingerprints and other dirt, the original beautiful cup will become gray, foggy, completely lost the original texture, whether you have been put in the cold?


Now let’s see how to clean the glass, the next time you have guests at home, you can use the shiny glass to receive guests!

In addition to coffee scale, tea scale, glass long-term use will also accumulate limescale, looks foggy and dirty.


Cups are not tragic! Clean the glass with these magic…

1 white vinegar

Fill the cup with equal amount of white vinegar and warm water, not more than 1/2 of the cup container, soak it for several hours, and then brush it slightly with the vinegar and water solution with sponge and vegetable cloth, it can easily remove the limescale and tea scale. If the limescale and tea scale accumulate too much, you can also use white vinegar only.


When brushing the glass, use the sponge side of the dishcloth to not create scratches on the surface and ruin the appearance. You can also use a technology sponge or a special glass washing brush.


2 Toothpaste, baking soda

Take a clean toothbrush and dip it in the right amount of toothpaste to scrub the glass, which can also brush off the limescale accumulated over a long period of time. You can also use baking soda and add the right amount of water to make a paste, which can also wash off the limescale.


3 Salt + white vinegar

Add a little salt to the white vinegar and stir well, then use the sponge to clean the cup.


You can also cut up the lemon, dip it in the right amount of salt and use it directly to brush the glass.

Do not use a coarse sponge to clean the glass, it is easy to scratch and produce fine lines.


In addition to cleaning, you have to pay attention to these…

POINT 1 Wipe dry to avoid water marks

Cleaning must be dry after completion, in order not to leave water marks, otherwise the glass how to wash will not shine.


It is recommended to put the cups on the water filter tray to dry slightly, then use kitchen paper towels to wipe, once with two kitchen paper towels to wipe, rotate along the cup wall to wipe the inside, and finally wipe the outside and the base, using paper towels to isolate hands and cups to avoid direct contact and fingerprints. You can also buy special glass wiping cloth, wipe the cup does not hurt and will not leave lint, reuse very environmentally friendly.


Tips: You can not wait until completely air-dried and then wipe, more prone to residual limescale.


POINT 2 The correct way to save

It is better to put the glass in a ventilated place, it is recommended not to put it in an airtight cabinet, it is easy to accumulate odor. If you have a special glass shelf at home, you can hang it upside down and save it. You don’t need to rinse it with water before use, just wipe off the dust with a clean cloth; if the dust is too much, you can put the glass upside down on top of hot water, let the steam slightly moisten the inside of the glass, and then wipe it with a cloth to use it.


It is not recommended to put the cups upside down on top of the cloth to air-dry or preserve them, as the cups tend to attract odors from the cloth.


POINT 3 Avoid excessive temperature differences

Glasses are prone to break or even blow up because of the strong heat and cold shrinkage, so avoid excessive temperature differences when using them, and do not hold too hot or too cold liquid at once.


If you want to hold hot water, it is recommended to pour in a small amount first and shake the cup to make it preheat, and then pour in the remaining hot water after raising its own temperature, so as to avoid the condition of breaking due to excessive temperature difference.

The crystal clear glass makes the drink look better!

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