Pour Sprite Into The Soap Has A Great Use

Sprite is a drink that everyone likes to drink, and soap is a necessary household cleaning supplies, usually use it to clean clothes and wash hands, Sprite and soap are two unrelated things, you know the soap into the Sprite, what amazing life wonders? It’s so practical and solves a lot of family troubles!

Today I’ll teach you a little soap and Sprite trick, come and learn from me!

First we prepare a container, and then prepare a piece of soap, or soap blocks, use a knife to peel some soap minced into the container, and then pour some Sprite into the container.

Then pour in the right amount of water, use chopsticks to mix the Sprite and soap, and so the soap dissolved inside and then poured into a spray bottle, we look at the “solution” of life’s wonders.

This “cleaning solution” can remove the limescale on the faucet, just spray a little solution on the faucet, with a cloth gently wipe it clean as new.

You can also use it to remove yellow stains and dirt inside the toilet. Soap and Sprite both have strong stain removal ability, which not only removes dirt easily, but also removes the odor inside the toilet and leaves a light soapy scent.

After reading this soap and Sprite small wonderful use, you learned? Try it out!

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