Put A Plastic Bottle On The Sink To Save Money And Be Practical

I believe anyone with children at home will have this trouble. The sink is too big for children to wash their hands alone. It is embarrassing and hard to wash with the child. Today I will share a small method to help you solve this problem. It only needs to use an empty plastic bottle to solve it. Let’s take a look.

First, we cut the upper part of the plastic bottle with scissors,

After cutting it down, we trim the burrs,

Cut off the mouth of the bottle,

That’s it after cutting it off. Now let’s put it in and try it out. Let’s turn on the tap. You see, it is much easier for children to wash their hands. They will no longer be out of reach. The clothes will no longer be wet when they are scattered in the water, and the water will not splash everywhere. If the faucet at home is too close to the wall of the washbasin, it is much more convenient to put it on.

The effect is very good. If you think it is good, you can try it. A very simple operation can solve the problem at home.

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