The Correct Way To Quickly Disinfect Chopsticks If They Are Moldy

Chopsticks are essential tableware for us Chinese, we use it every day, the most commonly used at home is this wooden chopsticks, but wooden chopsticks after long-term use, easy to breed bacteria and mold, chopsticks moldy black is actually toxic, moldy chopsticks may have “aflatoxin” on them, aflatoxin is a toxic Aflatoxin is an extremely toxic carcinogen. Chopsticks moldy black best to replace them, never use again, if you want to moldy chopsticks become clean, just boiling water is useless, so deal with it, chopsticks and new bought as clean.

Today we will teach you a little trick to clean moldy chopsticks correctly, come and learn with me!

First we boil a pot of hot water, wait for the water to boil and then put the chopsticks in, add some baking soda to the water, baking soda has a strong stain removal effect, you can add a little more.

Then add an appropriate amount of salt to the pot, salt has a sterilizing effect, stir it, and let the chopsticks cook for about 5 minutes, the high temperature environment can kill the bacteria on top of the chopsticks.

Finally, fish out the cooked chopsticks and scrub them with water a few times, so that the mold and blackened areas on the cleaned chopsticks are all gone and the chopsticks are as clean as new ones.

Have you learned how to properly clean moldy chopsticks after reading this tip? Try it out!

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