There Are Skills To Quickly Extinguish A Pan Fire

Cooking is frequent, it takes a long time to go in and out of the kitchen, and the amount of fire is greatly increased. Mothers-in-laws are often so busy that they forget to turn off the fire. Don’t ignore the safety of using fire because you are too busy! If we encounter a fire in the frying pan when we are cooking at home, some people will panic and search for something to put out the fire, and some will run away from the kitchen because of fear. In fact, don’t panic when you encounter a pan fire. The more panic the easier it will be to make mistakes, and the more serious the consequences will be. This should be done if the pan fires.


Be careful with fire…


1 Fire

Relatives and friends are visiting, and the cooking woman has no skills?

During the Chinese New Year, it is often necessary to feast around the stove. Sometimes when the mother-in-law gets busy or to greet the guests, she keeps her eyes away from the fire, or even leaves the kitchen after forgetting to turn off the fire. !

Even if you leave the kitchen for a while, it is recommended to turn off the stove.


According to statistics, even if only a small amount of oil below 50c.c. is used in the pot, the oil pan will spontaneously ignite as long as it is heated for 3 to 4 minutes, and the flame temperature can reach 367 degrees Celsius! Therefore, you must pay attention to “putting people out of the fire.” If you are using a gas stove, you should look after it by the fire; you should also wear suitable clothing when cooking to prevent the fire from spreading to the clothing.


✔ Dealing with oil pan fire

If the oil pan catches fire accidentally during cooking, the gas stove should be turned off first, and the pot lid can be covered to extinguish the fire in the initial stage, and then covered with a wet towel that is larger than the fire range to block the air. If you have a fire extinguisher at home, you can Use a dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. Keep in mind that the fire pan should never be “watered to extinguish the fire”, or try to move the fire pan to prevent the fire from spreading.

Check by the way when cleaning!

Range hood and stove: Taking advantage of the general cleaning, you can clean up the grease on the outside of the range hood and the exhaust vent by the way, so as to prevent the grease on the range hood from being ignited by high temperature or open flames and causing extended burning. For the stove part, the carbide on the stove can be brushed to keep the fire hole unobstructed.


Remove grease regularly to avoid ignition!


Gas pipeline: When cleaning and testing the gas pipeline, you can apply soapy water on the gas pipeline to see if bubbles are generated and check for damage. In addition, you can also check whether the gas switch is loose and the rubber tube is aging and cracked by the way. Generally speaking, gas pipelines are consumables, and it is recommended that they should be replaced once every two years, and the qualified pipelines with national certification should also be recognized when purchasing.。


Spread soapy water on the gas pipeline to detect damage.


When purchasing gas pipelines, be sure to identify qualified pipelines with national certification.


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