How To Quickly Remove Dust From Electric Fans

Electric fan is a household summer essential things, now almost every day to use to, your home electric fan have cleaned? Especially last year placed so long, the electric fan will certainly have a lot of dust and bacteria, the electric fan down to clean too much trouble, no matter how dirty the electric fan, teach you do not have to remove without wiping, a few minutes to clean as new, quickly learn it!

Today we will teach you a little trick to clean the electric fan correctly, come and learn with me!

First of all, we prepare a clean cloth, in the cloth has a sponge side with a hobby knife cut horizontally and vertically, cut into such an even small square can be, take care not to cut off the cloth.

Then prepare a basin, pour an appropriate amount of detergent and white vinegar in the basin, detergent has a strong stain removal effect, white vinegar can soften the dirt, then pour in some flower water, and finally pour in an appropriate amount of warm water to mix them well.

Then put the modified cleaning cloth into the mix of “cleaning solution” inside, soak well and squeeze out the excess water, wipe with the cloth along the seam pattern of the electric fan cover, modified cloth easily wipe clean the surface of the dust and dirt.

Then use a spray bottle to fill a little “cleaning solution” in the fan blades of the front and back of all the spray once, and then prepare a few wet towels, the towel cover the top of the fan, plug in the power to turn on the fan switch, so that the dirty water on the fan blades will be thrown out, covered with towels, dirty water will not get everywhere in the house.

Just let the fan rotate for about five minutes, immediately clean as new without dust, is it very practical?

After reading this correct cleaning electric fan tips, no demolition without washing, immediately clean as new without dust, you learn?

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