Rapid Cleaning Method Of Scale On Electric Kettle

Many families will boil water in some electric kettles. It is an electrical appliance standing in the home. Everyone knows that the electric kettle will be a thick scale, and the scale is close to the pot wall pot. It is particularly difficult to scrape. I don’t care, it is easy to scratch the kettle. I share a small trick removed in scale. Let’s take a look.

We add some white vinegar directly to the kettle.

Because of acetic acid in white vinegar, and its acidity is weak, it does not have any damage to the kettle itself, and the water is filled into the kettle, the proportion is about 1; 5, then open the water for one hour, then we will pour it out of the water after one hour. , The poured water is yellow,

Then we can see that the bottom of the kettle is clean and clear of limescale.

Method is very simple, the kettle has a scale problem, you can try it.

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