How to quickly and completely remove the frost from the refrigerator

Refrigerator is one of the necessary household appliances, especially in the summer, it is very important to use it to save food and chill ingredients. But the refrigerator with a long time will consume more and more power, and refrigerator freshness and freezing sex is also getting worse, many times not refrigerator aging or bad. It is likely to be a thick layer of frost in the refrigerator, if long-term not eradicated, the refrigerator will only get thicker, many people do not know how to quickly and thoroughly remove the frost.

Today we will teach you a quick trick to remove the frost from the refrigerator, come and learn with me!

First we unplug the refrigerator, take out the frozen ingredients inside, and then prepare a clean towel with strong water absorption, and lay the towel flat on the bottom of the freezer layer.

And then prepare a bowl of hot water about 80 degrees, the bowl of “water” into the refrigerator freezer inside, and then close the refrigerator door, just wait about 10 minutes on it, let’s see the effect!

Can see a lot of frost has fallen down, and has been dripping, towel to play a role in absorbing water, with this method to remove the frost inside the refrigerator effect is very good, it is recommended that we remove every once in a while.

After reading this quick removal of refrigerator frost tips, frost clatter down, real use, you learned? Hurry up and try it!

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