Refrigerator put it in the monthly can save a large amount of electricity bills

Refrigerator households have it, the refrigerator to our life has brought a lot of convenience, we all know that the refrigerator is generally open all year round, is considered the longest working time at home appliances, so the refrigerator a year down the electricity bill or quite a lot, especially in the weather is too hot or do not need to freeze what ingredients, the home refrigerator how to save electricity? Just put a bowl of “it” in the refrigerator, a year will be able to pay half of the electricity bill, go home and learn to do it!

Today will teach you two refrigerator power saving tips, come and learn with me!

Refrigerator power saving trick one: put a bowl of “ice”

Refrigerator power consumption is a big reason is the compressor refrigeration frequent start, especially the temperature of the freezer is often changed, such as the storage of ingredients, we can put a bowl of “ice” in the refrigerator freezer, so that can reduce the temperature inside the refrigerator, the compressor will not work frequently, to achieve a power-saving effect, a year Can pay less than half of the electricity bill.

Refrigerator power saving tips two: plug a few pieces of plastic foam

Many people do not know that in fact the refrigerator power consumption and space size is proportional, so if the refrigerator inside the remaining space is more, the more power consumption, we can prepare some plastic foam to fill the refrigerator, just need to cut the plastic foam into suitable refrigerator fill size of small pieces, stuffed into the refrigerator can play a role in saving electricity, because the refrigerator refrigeration space is small, the compressor cooling speed will improve, it will become more power saving.

After reading these two refrigerator power saving tips, you learned? Hurry up and try it!

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