It Is Convenient And Practical To Pierce A Few Small Holes In The Disposable Paper Cup

China is the hometown of tea. The discovery and use of tea by Chinese people is said to have started in the Shennong era, or more than 4700 years ago. I believe that everyone will have tea in their lives. Sometimes guests will bring some tea. But if you want to drink tea and there is no filtered teapot at home, you can only put the tea in the cup and pour boiling water for simple brewing. This way, it’s easy to drink tea leaves when you drink tea, and you have to spit tea leaves from time to time when you drink tea. This feels particularly troublesome. Today I will share a small coup for making a filter. Let’s take a look


The method is very simple, just use a toothpick to poke a few small holes in the bottom of the paper cup,


Take a complete cup and put it under the poked, then put tea in the cup and pour boiling water to brew, pick up the cup with small holes, then we can see the tea flowing out of the small hole.


Drinking tea in this way saves a lot of trouble. In the future, guests at home can make tea in this way to avoid the embarrassment of spitting out tea leaves. The method is very simple and you can try.

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