Stir-fry With The Left Gas Stove Or The Right Gas?

Now more and more families are cooking with gas stoves, in order to cook more convenient, generally choose to buy a double gas stove, so that you can stir-fry, while the soup, do not affect each other very convenient. Which side of your family is used to stir-fry? Many people say that the left side of the gas stove can not stir fry? What exactly is going on? We should use the left side to stir fry or the right side to stir fry? I believe that many people are not clear, I also just know, thanks to the gas master remind, come with me to understand it!

The first reason: different firepower

Do you know which side of the double gas stove is suitable for making soup and which side is more suitable for stir-frying? I believe that many people think that the two sides of the gas stove fire power is the same, in fact, it is different, generally on the gas stove nameplate, will be clearly marked on the right stove fire will be greater than the left stove, so the left stove is suitable for small slow cooked soup, the right stove is more suitable for large fire stir-fry.

The second reason: to prevent burns

People who often cook know that when stir-frying action is relatively large, especially when adding a variety of seasonings, if the left stove stir-fry, the right in the soup or steam things, in the process of stir-frying is easy to touch the pot of high-temperature water vapor and burn themselves, so the left stove of the gas stove is not suitable for stir-frying, and the right stove stir-fry with a variety of seasonings is also very smooth, do not worry about burning Hands, the right side of the space is also relatively large.

The third reason: to avoid getting dirty clothes

The left side of the frying time fumes will be heavier, especially the right side of the stove top is also in use, may be done after cooking clothes are full of fumes, so when using the gas stove, or try to use the left side to make soup, the right side for frying.

Conclusion: After reading this correct use of gas stove tips, do not use it again, grab to remind the family!

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