Summer Often In The Air-conditioned House Need To Prepare These 3 Things

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, many families have begun to open air conditioning, although open air conditioning is very cool, but the room will be very dry, especially at night to sleep on the air conditioning, easy to dry mouth, sore throat, the next day up weakness, I do not know if you have such troubles? So when you open the air conditioning in the summer, the room must put these 3 things, less than one can not, early know early benefit!

The first thing: a basin of water

Open air conditioning is easy to dry mouth, dry skin, weakness, etc. This is because the air conditioning in the process of cooling operation, will take away the moisture in the air in the room, the human body is easy to water shortage triggered by discomfort, so we can put a basin of water in the room, pour the right amount of white vinegar in the water, white vinegar can make the water molecules more active, but also purify the indoor air, put it under the air conditioner, the water inside the basin evaporates continuously, can Increase the humidity of the room, so that the room is not so dry.

The second thing: a towel

Long open air conditioning indoor not only dry, and the air will become cloudy, and even odor, we can prepare a towel, the towel will be wet and wrung into a semi-dry state can be, and then sprinkle some flower essences on the wet towel, flower essences have a unique fragrance, to purify the air in the room, to remove the unpleasant odor, and the effect of mosquito repellent, we open the air conditioning in the summer, remember to put a room in the Towel.

The third thing: wet mop

Summer blowing air conditioning room doors and windows will be closed tightly, the indoor air will certainly be bad, and prone to water shortage dry, we can use a wet mop to mop the room before going to bed, can increase the humidity of the room, the mop can be placed in the room after the mop.

After reading the 3 things that must be put in the room to open the air conditioning, it is really too practical, you learned?

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