The Bottom Of The Pot At Home Is Black And Dirty How To Make It Clean As New

Frying pots and pans used in every household, we have to use every day, the family pot with a long time, if not cleaned every day, especially the bottom part of the pot many people forget to clean, the bottom of the pot over time will form a thick layer of black scale and grease scale, the bottom of the pot black scale is difficult to remove? Teach you do not need a drop of water, just a light wipe, the old pot immediately into a new pot!

Today we will teach you a small trick to properly clean the bottom of the pan black dirt, come learn with me!

The black scale on the bottom of the pan is actually formed by the high temperature of the soup and oil spilled during the frying process, which is very difficult to remove by ordinary means. First of all, we sprinkle some baking soda and salt on the bottom of the wok where there is black dirt, baking soda has a strong decontamination effect.

Then stick a paper towel on it, pour some white vinegar onto the paper towel, white vinegar will wet the paper towel and stick it on the bottom of the pot, white vinegar and baking soda can have a chemical reaction and can decompose the dirt and grease on it, white vinegar has the effect of softening the dirt, we let it sit for about 5 minutes and it will be fine.

Finally just take the paper towel off the top, there is already a lot of dirt on the paper towel, just use a Pasteur cloth to gently wipe, the bottom of the pot is as clean as new, save time and effort.

After reading this little trick to properly clean the bottom of the pot black dirt, save time and effort, too powerful, you learned?

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