How Should The Wine In The Home Be Placed?

There are many wines, as a wine love, how much do you know? Following French vintage scholar now. Dhausk enters the world of wine, let you know more wine knowledge with the least text, even if you are a beginner, you can understand.

How to store wines?

No matter how high your wine bottle is worth, the bad storage environment will shorten the life of those wines. The following is the ten golden laws that ensure that the wine energy is chemically produced into alcoholic wine:


1 Do not place directly in the floor
• Try to keep your wine ventilate.
• To protect the wines from shaking.
Based on the same reason, it should be avoided in the wall of the wall.


2 Keep wine


Horizontal pose helps the wine in vintage contact with cork. If there is no horizontal placing, the corks will shrink to cause air into the bottle, and wine mayiocephal.

3 good ventilation environment


But there is no wind.
• The location of the vents: will be located in the lower place in the north, and the vents in the south are located at a height.
• To avoid dust.


4 surround absolute smell


The smell of interference will pollute the wine (the smell may penetrate from the bottle).


5 floor flooring gravel


• No dust.
• If the atmospheric humidity is too low, it has the ability to moisturize moisturizing.

6 store in wine in the wooden box

Avoid storage in the carton because the carton flavor may be moved to a wine. Wood can be stored in the wooden wine tank.

7 stored in a dark place

Lines will make wine premature aging, and it is fatal injury to bubble alcohol.

8 cool temperature

Maintain temperature at 11 ° C to 14 ° C. Equipment: Headmaster.

9 constant temperature storage status


绝对严禁将葡萄酒暴露在It is absolutely strictly forbidden to expose wine to the condition of extreme changes in temperature.温度极端变化的状况下。


10 keep high humidity


Essential equipping: Humidometer.

Learning is properly preserved, just spent the bottle of the big money to buy.


Various threaded reminders
• When organizing a wine bottle, let the wine label position appear to: a small detail to save a lot of time.
• Mandari-rapid removal of drinking methods: Will wines in the most likely taken the wooden box.
• Packed a long-year-old vintage winema with a glass paper: prevent the wine label from moisturizing.
• Need to consider the shaped bottle (Magnum): The wine in the bar bottle is slow. Reserve enough space to store large bottles.


What should I do without a private wine cellar?
Electronic wine places are designed for you. Heat temperature electronic wine cabinet has two types:


•Chen Fill Electronic Wine Cabinet: Wine can be stored in a state of constant temperature (12 ° C), and is equipped with a shock absorber system, an automatic humidity regulator, air purification filter, and a door to conflict-free.
• Wonderful wine cabinet: Controlling wine is maintained in the optimum temperature suitable for drinking, and is equipped with different compartments according to the wine type. However, such wine cameras are not designed for slowly Chen.

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