Putting These Things On The Bed Will Affect Your Child’s Sleep

The baby is the heart of every family, and the hope for the baby is the best. Nowadays, scientific parenting advocates that parents and their children sleep in separate beds. In order to let the children sleep alone, we will put something on the bedside, so what do you know? What can not be put in things? Today I will tell you what can’t be placed on the bedside of your child while sleeping

The first type is the night light. If the child sleeps with the night light for a long time, it will easily damage the retina and affect the normal development of vision. The child will secrete growth hormone during sleep. When the light is on, the growth hormone level will drop, thereby slowing down development speed

The second type, plush toys. Although plush toys can bring a sense of security to children, they are mostly filled with fluffy cotton material, which can easily hide some germs, mites, and dust. These substances can easily induce skin infections when inhaled in the mouth and nose. And other problems, in addition, the decoration of plush toys is easy to be put into the mouth by children

The third type is toys. All the toys that children play before going to bed should be put away after they fall asleep to avoid being awakened by falling asleep or falling to the ground.

Do you have these three things at the head of your child’s bed? Take it away if you have it! Prevent danger

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