Tips for Peeling Corn Kernels Quickly

Corn is a very nutritious food, rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and a variety of trace elements. Eating more corn is good for your health. Now it’s the season when a large number of corn is on the market. I believe that many people buy it and eat it. Many people like to break the corn kernels and cook or squeeze the juice. It is very laborious to peel the corn kernels by hand. If you use a knife to cut the corn kernels, Incompleteness is also easy to waste, damaging its nutritional value. How can we peel corn kernels quickly and completely? The method is actually very simple, just find this “small mechanism” on the corn, twist it with scissors, the corn kernels will fall off completely, and a large plate can be peeled in 1 minute!

Today, I will teach you a quick trick to peeling corn kernels. Let’s learn from me!

First, we prepare a corn that has been husked, cut the corn from the middle by hand, and prepare a pair of scissors to find this “small mechanism” on the corn, that is, the position of the corncob, we insert the scissors from the corncob Go, the corn splits in half by turning the scissors left and right.

The corn has been divided into two. Everyone knows that the corn kernels are arranged in rows and there are gaps in the corn kernels. We only need to break the corn in rows by hand.

You can’t see that the corn kernels have been peeled for a while. The corn kernels are intact and do not burst. You can peel a large plate in 1 minute, which saves time and effort. Isn’t it very practical?

After reading this little coup for peeling corn kernels quickly, have you learned it? Try it now!

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