Polish Shoes Without Shoe Polish Two Tips for Shining Shoes

Many people like to wear leather shoes, but leather shoes are not only easy to get dirty and not shiny, but also have many folds, which are very ugly. Many friends use shoe polish to wipe leather shoes, but some shoe polish smells unpleasant and easily damages the leather. In fact, you don’t need shoe polish at all for polishing shoes. Squeeze some “it” on the shoes. In one minute, old shoes will become new shoes. It’s as soft and shiny!

Today, I will teach you two tips for shining shoes. Let’s learn from me!

Small coup for leather shoes: milk

We can pour some milk into the container, and don’t pour out the rest of the milk that we usually drink. Use a towel dipped in the milk to wipe the leather shoes, which can not only clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the leather shoes, but also increase the brightness of the leather shoes. , It can effectively prevent the leather shoes from cracking due to dryness.

Wipe the shoes with milk and dry the water. Then apply a little hand cream on the surface of the shoes. The hand cream will not only make the shoes more shiny, but also make the shoes lasting and not easy to dust.

Small coup for shoeshine two: shampoo

We can squeeze some shampoo on the towel, apply the shampoo evenly on the surface of the leather shoes, only need to wipe a few times, the leather shoes will immediately restore the luster, but also play a maintenance role, the effect is very good.

After reading these two tips for shining leather shoes, old shoes can be changed into new ones, saving money and being practical! Have you learned it?

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