6 Major Uses of The Green Mesh Bag-shaped Sink Filter

The green mesh bag-like sink filter used in the kitchen at home, although a small bunch is inconspicuous, don’t underestimate it! Learn these clever uses, let the filter become a little helper in life!

Kitchen magic

Teapot strainer

Put a sink strainer on the strainer of the teapot, and then follow the original tea making steps. When you finish drinking the tea, you can remove all the tea residues inside without leaving any residue for cleaning.


Garlic storage bag

Divide the garlic bought from the supermarket and put it into the strainer of the sink, and then divide it into bags when you want to use it, which is simple and convenient.


Dishwashing sponge

Always suspect that the ordinary sponges sold on the market have insufficient scrubbing power? Put the general sponge into the sink filter first. Then use plastic rope or rubber bands to tighten the opening. Because of the extra layer of filter, there is also a friction between the sponge and the bowl, so that the dishes are washed more cleanly.


Juice strainer

The watermelon juice and grape juice made at home always have excess pulp residues and seeds. First put a layer of sink filter in the cup, and then pour the juice into the cup. The sink filter in the cup will succeed. Filter out the juice and scum seeds and turn into a smooth drink!


Soap savior

Soap will become dry after using it for a long time, and you won’t be able to rub it into bubbles. You can put the dried soap into the sink filter, and then tighten the opening with a rubber band. Remember to tighten it to prevent the soap bubbles from slipping and loosening. Finally, put the soap down on the bathroom sink, and then rub the soap with water a little, the dried soap will be able to escape a lot of bubbles!


Other life magic

Bathroom water hole blocking coup

Cut off the end of the long water filter, and then cut a knife from the middle to make the water filter become a flat mesh, and then cut out a circle about 3 to 4 cm in diameter. Spread the round mesh flat on the water hole, the hair will be entangled and jammed by the water filter when shampooing. Just pick up the water filter when cleaning, you can easily remove the problem of hair clogging。


Drawer cleaning assistant

Put the filter screen on the mouth of the vacuum cleaner, not to the bottom end, to avoid the tail end strap obstructing the suction. Bind the opening of the vacuum cleaner with the filter with a rubber band, remember to tighten it and the opening should be smooth, so that it is useful. Then you can take the vacuum cleaner to suction drawers, small storage cabinets, etc., small things will not be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner, and can go deep into the gaps where the hand is difficult to reach.


Homemade aromatherapy

Turn the cap of the unused small perfume bottle a little bit, so that the perfume can emit a little smell. Put the perfume in the filter bag, let the bottle stand upright and close the mouth. Wrap the filter with a rope and tie it to the clothes rail. It is a simple homemade perfume, and the clothes will have a faint fragrance.


Cabinet desiccant

Leave the desiccant in the food boxes such as biscuits and tea leaves at home, collect the desiccant, install it into the water filter, tie the filter to the knot, and cut off the remaining net bundle. Finally, put the completed desiccant in a small cabinet or a small drawer, which can be used to prevent moisture, which is economical and affordable.


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