Tips for Using Rice Water to Maintain Your Hands

It is said that hands are the second face of a woman, but often doing housework, hands will become rough, dry, and peeling, especially in the dry seasons of autumn and winter, which are more serious. Today, I will share a small coup for maintaining hands with rice water. Get up and have a look

First, we will pour out the rice water, which is rich in vitamin E, and pour some white vinegar into the rice water.

White vinegar can soften the keratin, and then add two drops of essential oils. The essential oils can moisturize the skin, help delay skin aging and promote skin metabolism. Now we soak our hands in water for about 10 minutes, rub our hands and massage each other.

After 10 minutes, wipe your hands clean, and finally apply vitamin E to your hands.

Vitamin E can lock moisture and moisturize the skin. Daily care and one month of care can make your hands tender and fair. Have you learned the magical effect of Taomi Shui?

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