The Electric Fan Does Not Need To Be Disassembled To Wash Away The Ash Quickly And Cleanly

It’s the midsummer now, and every household has to use an electric fan. We know that the electric fan will be covered with dust after being used for a period of time. After the electric fan is stained with dust, it will not only be uncomfortable when the wind blows out, but also easily damage the electric fan. body. At this time, we need to clean the electric fan. Many people will choose to remove the electric fan for cleaning. This is troublesome and time-consuming. Today I will share a small coup that can clean the electric fan without dismantling. Let’s take a look. .


First, we prepare a container and add a spoonful of baking soda, it has a strong decontamination ability;


Add another spoonful of white vinegar. White vinegar is an environmentally friendly cleaning product;


Then add two drops of detergent, and finally pour in water to dilute. Stir them evenly, then pour the solution into the watering can, now let’s see the effect.




A very practical little coup, you can try this method to clean the electric fan at home, I hope that the sharing of the editor can help you to some extent.

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