What Should We Do If Mosquitoes Always Bite In Summer?

Every time some dead ends will always attract the annoying mosquitoes, in addition to using the insect of the mosquito lamp or mosquito, it can also use the wristworm waste. Capture the mosquito.

Environmentally-friendly insect tank DIY

Coke bottle (2000ml capacity) one
Sugar 50g
Yeast powder 1g
Hot water 200ml
Black paper
Aerodynamic knife
Strange pen
A cup


First use a singular pen to about one-third of the bottle to about one-third in the Coke bottle, and cut the whole cyclic shape with the US worker knife.



In addition, the cup is placed and put in a sugar. After uniform dissolution of the sugar, wait until 40 degrees Celsius, then pour the sugar into the Coke bottle, and sprinkle the yeast powder, do not deliberately stir Both will act their own carbon dioxide.



Invert the original hourglass bottle, it is completely adhered to it, so that carbon dioxide will take a mosquito from the mouth.



Because mosquitoes like the darkness, pack black paper peripherals in the bottle, and placed on the corners of the walls of mosquitoes in the home. Because the mixed yeast powder of the sugar is about one to two weeks, the solution is replaced by at least every two weeks.

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