What To Eat After Exercise Will Not Be Fat

Can I eat after exercise?

Many people think that I have already exercised hard. Wouldn’t it be a waste of all my work if I eat again? In fact, according to research, drinking soy milk 30 minutes after exercise can help muscle growth, because at this time muscles will give priority to protein intake, if you supplement high-protein foods, you can increase the muscle mass ratio, and the effect of exercise will be more effective!

Soy milk can not only repair muscle tissue damaged by exercise, but also contains minerals and vitamins, which can help the body recover after exercise. Otherwise, after exercise, it will not only be more drowsy and more tired, but also easily cause muscle tissue loss. As a result, the basal metabolic rate decreases, and the rate of calorie consumption also slows down. When buying soy milk, you must follow the principle of sugar-free and high-fiber. In addition, you must choose products with complete packaging and nutrition labels to drink it nutritiously and healthily.

When supplementing protein, don’t forget to supplement carbohydrates. During exercise, glycogen in the muscles will be consumed in large quantities. Carbohydrate-containing foods can help maintain physical strength and regenerate glycogen, such as sliced ​​whole-wheat toast or sweet potatoes, etc. A good choice, and according to different exercises, the way of eating should also be adjusted. Aerobic exercise such as jogging or aerobic dance for 1 hour, the ratio of carbohydrate to protein is about 3∼4:1, and the calorie is controlled at about 300∼350 kcal; if it is high-intensity endurance exercise and muscle strength training, protein needs to be increased The intake of carbohydrates and protein is adjusted to 2:1.


Sweet potatoes would be a better carbohydrate choice!


Does protein supplementation after exercise become King Kong Barbie?

If you want to become a bodybuilder-like figure, you must have special exercise prescriptions and exercise goals. The purpose of ordinary people’s exercise is to hope to be healthy and to make muscles stronger. Even if a large amount of protein is added after exercise, there is no special muscle strength training. It’s hard to become King Kong Barbie!


Is it still possible to eat after exercise is close to sleep time?

If the exercise is close to 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, it is recommended to adjust the amount of food or reduce the calorie intake, and eat about 3 to 5 minutes full, but if you do not supplement properly, you will make your body more tired the next day. On the contrary, it did not achieve the fitness effect of exercise!


You can eat like this! 4 post-exercise menus

✔ 250ml unsweetened soy milk + 1 slice of thin toast + 20g mixed nuts + 1 apple.

✔ 250ml oatmeal drink + 1 hot spring egg + 2 slices (half) whole wheat dried fruit bread.

✔ 250ml freshly squeezed orange juice + 1 bowl of chawanmushi + 20g mixed nuts.

✔ 250ml fresh skimmed milk + 1 chicken rice ball + 1 kiwi fruit.


If you eat food before going to bed after exercise, it is recommended to reduce the amount.


Don’t forget to eat some healthy food after exercise. Supplementing proper nutrition can achieve the effect of exercise!

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